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Hear what therapists say about the Imago Clinical Training and being an Imago Therapist.  Watch the video below.

The Imago Clinical Training program, or ICT, (formerly Basic Clinical Training) is an intensive, and in-depth introduction to the theory and practice of IRT.  Through lecture, demonstration, and experiential learning, you will be provided with the tools and support to help you integrate this unique approach to working with couples into your professional practice. Consistent with the approach itself, we believe that learning comes as much through experience as it does through understanding.  We therefore compliment all of our theoretical teaching with direct practice, as well as personal exploration. Our goal is to help therapists develop the skills that will allow a sense of confidence and competence in working with couples, thus skillfully guiding clients into “healing through relationship”.  You can expect that this work will be challenging, but at the same time extremely gratifying. 

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