The Journey of Change

An Imago Advanced Course with Master Trainer Maya Kollman

$600 if registered by 2/1/18

($650 after 2/1/18)

$500 for current ITI members

Training will be held at

Retreat at the Creek

8111 Moore Road, Indianapolis, IN


      Imago Master Trainer, Maya Kollman, and Senior Clinical Instructor, Sophie Slade, developed this course a few years ago when they were grappling with the challenges that couples face when trying to make the changes they have committed to in the Behavior Change Request Dialogue. Sophie and Maya had noticed, as had others, that despite the good intentions and beautiful work couples do during the BCR dialogue, they often do not follow through with the new behaviors. This course addresses the difficulties that result from couples needing to make some very significant shifts in their relationship in order to be successful.

The nine shifts are

  • From Certainty Toward Curiosity
  • From Reactivity Toward Intentionality
  • From Blaming Toward Self-Reflection
  • From Symbiosis Toward Differentiation
  • From Complaints Toward Requests
  • From Negativity Toward Possibility
  • From Individual Frustrations Toward the Relational Dance
  • From Childhood Story Toward Adult Narratives
  • From Adult Narrative Toward New Behavior

     The course will guide you on a journey through these nine essential shifts that couples need to make on their journey from chaos and disconnection to a conscious, connected, loving relationship. Greeted with great acclaim by both highly experienced and new Imago therapists when presented at Imago Conferences in Atlanta and Copenhagen, this course is the foundation of a book that Sophie and Maya are writing together.

     It is a very practical, hands-on course. On each of the three days we address three shifts through short theory pieces, stories, demonstrations, practice in triads, and discussion. It will give you ideas, tools, and skills to be more effective in helping your couples through the shifts.

     Maya Kollman, MA, is a gifted therapist, a passionate and down-to-earth workshop presenter, and a powerful and dynamic clinical instructor of mental health professionals. She is warm and funny, knowledgeable and intuitive, which makes for learning that appeals to all styles. In all her work, Maya is a master of creating a safe environment for everyone to look honestly at themselves and others and learn how to take their own next steps in healing and growth. She believes in the potential of people and in their capacity for deeper connection and transformation. She holds the vision of each person's best self in a way that helps them live more fully and more consciously in their life, their relationships, and their work.